Healthy Facts

*A suntan is not only healthy,   it can be life-saving.

Burning in the sun is not healthy.

People in general are lacking vitamin D big time.

The best source being the natural way-from sunshine.

Beware of sunscreens many contain chemicals that cause nasty health problems.

*Don’t load up on calcium- causes hardening of the arteries, heart problems , joint problems and yes- bone breakage etc.

People in general are lacking magnesium big time- an important mineral that helps to regulate calcium and 300+ other functions in the human body.

*Your gut is responsible for approx. 80% of your immune system.


*Do not use vegetable oils- including canola  These oils don’t hold up in high heat and actually form dangerous chemicals and trans fats-  deadly over time and very detrimental to ones health.

*Beware of low fat and lite foods-not good for you- you have been conned. Beware of artificial & processed sugars dangerous to one’s health and wellbeing.

*Processed foods are full of hormone disrupters, estrogen mimickers and xeno-estrogens. Which is why an increasing number of men have man boobs and other problems.  Why women are having hormonal problems leading to many female health problems including cancers.

Get educated – Live healthy. Your Health is Your Wealth-period.